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MALI: Military Junta Suspends French Media Indefinitely

Mali’s ruling military junta has ordered French state funded broadcasters RFI and France 24 off the air, complaining they had falsely accused the army of committing abuses.

In a statement on Thursday, Mali said it was taking the action because both channels had reported on allegations – made by United Nations rights commission Michelle Bachelet and rights group Human Rights Watch (HRW).

The military is “initiating proceedings… to suspend broadcasts by RFI and France 24… until further notice,” he said.

Human Rights Watch had alleged that said on Tuesday that Malian soldiers were responsible for killing at least 71 civilians since early December. read more

Radio broadcaster RFI this week also ran a series of testimonies from alleged victims who claimed they had been tortured by Malian soldiers and suspected Russian mercenaries operating alongside them.

Allegations the government in Bamako said is false.