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MALI: Colonel Goita Gradually Unchaining Nation From Exploitative France

Mali military leader, colonel Assimi Goïta has cancelled 8 out of 11 secret agreements signed by the former president.

These agreements include obligation to ally with France in case of war or global crisis among others. He cancelled the colonial debt for reimbursement of the benefits of colonization, automatic confiscation of Mali’s national financial reserves by France has also been cancelled.

France no longer has the right of first refusal on any raw or natural resource discovered in Mali and there is no more priority to French interests and businesses in public procurement and public tenders. 

The French also no longer have exclusive right to supply military equipment and train the military officers of the former colony.

Having chased out some French troops on various intervention missions in Mali, Goita have stripped France of the right to deploy troops on militarily intervention to Mali to defend French interests.

French has ceased to be the official language of Mali and the language of education. Also Colonel Goita has removed Mali’s obligation to use the CFA franc, the old currency of France before it adopted the Euro.

That Mali is no longer any obligation to send to France an annual balance sheet and a report on the state of the reserves is also one of the major shake-up in France/Mali relationship, aside renouncing the authorization by France of any military alliance with other countries.

The 37-year-old military leader Colonel Assimi Goita, who orchestrated his second coup in nine months, was sworn in May 2022 as the transitional president despite international condemnation of power grab.

Goita, had served as Mali’s vice president under transitional President Bah Ndaw and Prime Minister Moctar Ouane, but seized power after accusing them of failing to consult him about a cabinet reshuffle that would have replaced the defence and security ministers – both military officers.