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MALAWI: Man Gets Life For killing His Albino Brother To Sell Body Parts For Charms

Five men in Malawi have been sentenced to life in prison with hard labour for murdering an albino Macdonald Masumbuka in 2018 to sell his body parts as good luck charms.

Among those sentenced to life was the deceased brother Kassim Masambuku, Catholic Priest Father Thomas Muhosha, Police Officer Chikondi Chileka, and Machinga district Clinical Officer Lumbani Kamanga, and a herbalist, received a lesser sentence of 30 years for participating in the sale.

The killing of people with albinism is linked to witchcraft rituals, with practitioners believing the victim’s body parts bring good luck.

Masumbuka, 22, was lured by his brother, Kassim to a graveyard, saying there was a girl there who he could marry. He was ambushed upon arrival and murdered.

Over 170 people with albinism have been maimed or murdered in Malawi in similar attacks since 2014.