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LIBERIA: Anger Over President’s Nine-day World Cup Trip To Watch His Son Play For U.S.A

Liberian opposition has criticized President George Weah’s plan to spend nine days in Qatar to watch his son’s world cup debut for the united states of America soccer team.

The president – a former footballer had earlier informed the senate that he plans to spend nine days in Qatar before embarking on a number of undisclosed foreign trips destination to culminate in Qatar where his son Timothy, who is American, will be in the US squad at the World Cup tournament, which kicks off on 20 November.

News of the president’s foreign trip plans has angered many Liberians, some of whom have taken to radio live shows and on social media to express their anger.

Many sited the President’s insensitivity at a time when the nation was dealing with a crippling food crisis, as well as uncertainty over the conduct of the much-delayed population census, which the president postponed recently for the sixth time.