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LAZY STEREOTYPE: Yaya Touré Slams Former Agent Over Lazy Stereotypes Of Africans

Ivorian international and former Manchester City FC footballer Yaya Touré has spoken out against his former agent over comments he made to a UK newspaper where he made reference a “curse” against Manchester City’s boss Pep Guardiola.

“The spell has now been lifted by the shamans – and that I think City will win the Champions League under Pep,” Dimitri Seluk was quoted as saying.

Seluk allegedly asked for a curse to be placed on Guardiola to stop his team winning the Champions League because of his past treatment of Yaya Touré. He has now apologized about his utterances then.

As Manchester City player in 2018, Touré accused Guardiola of having a problem with African players. At the time of the comments, neither Manchester City nor Guardiola made any comment. Not long after he had left Mancity, the Ivorian apologised for his comments, calling them “wrong” which was why his former agent revisiting the comments.

Writing on Twitter, Touré said he doesn’t want to be associated “with this nonsense and lazy stereotypes about African curses.

“This man does not represent me in any way. Amplifying these stereotypes is harmful,” he added.