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Judge Bans Two YouTubers From California University Campus After Prank Sparks ‘Panic’

Two YouTube pranksters who are students of Southern California University campus have been banned for allegedly causing “terror and disruption” by storming into college classrooms to film prank videos for their channels.

Ernest Kanevsky and Yuguo Bai, staged at least three “classroom takeover” pranks, according to the university’s suit as recently as March 29.

The content creators allegedly interrupted a lecture on the Holocaust, with one pretending to be “a member of the Russian Mafia” and the other responding to “Hugo Boss,” the fashion designer with Nazi ties.

The disruption caused the 40 students attending the class to scramble for the exits, fleeing from “what reasonably appeared to them as a threat of imminent classroom violence.

The university initiated a lawsuit against Kanevsky and Bai prompting the ban by the Judge.

In a statement, Kanevsky called the lawsuit and the buzz surrounding it “very deceiving.” He said that the intrusion on the lecture had been intended as “a harmless, funny scene,” adding, “The whole notion that we targeted a Holocaust class is absurd.”