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Hydroxychloroquine Doctor Issued With ‘Corrective Action’ By Medical Board

The Texas Medical Board last month took a “corrective action” against Dr. Stella Immanuel after she prescribed hydroxychloroquine to treat a patient’s COVID-19 infection without adequately explaining the health consequences, according to medical board records.

Immanuel, who gained notoriety last year for pushing the drug as a “cure” for COVID. In numerous studies, COVID patients have experienced no meaningful benefit from the medication, and some research points to a greater risk of heart rhythm problems.

In an Oct. 15 decision, the medical board ordered Immanuel to submit proof of informed consent — or permission given by a patient who understands the possible health outcomes — for all off-label treatments she provides. She must adopt policies that require all consent documents to be reviewed and signed by the patient for off-label treatment. She also must pay $500 to the medical board.

Immanuel appeared before board members in a June 12 video conference. She did not admit or deny the findings and cooperated with the investigation, the medical board said. A violation of the board’s order could lead to discipline.

The move is considered “non-disciplinary,” according to medical board records.