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HUNGARY: Anti-gay Politician Resigns After Being Busted At A Gay Party

Hungarian member of the European Parliament, Jozsef Szajer has resigned after he was caught at a sex party in Brussels in violation of Belgium’s coronavirus restriction measures.

Jozsef Szajer resigned after he admitting breaching Belgium’s strict lockdown rules to attend a sex party. Brussel police found 25 naked men at the gathering orgy that included Szajer who allegedly tried to flee via a drainpipe. 

In a statement after the news broke, Szajer said “I am sorry that I have broken the rules of gatherings,” he said. “This was irresponsible on my part, and I will take the sanctions that come with it.”

“The police say that an ecstasy pill was found. It is not mine, I don’t know who placed it and how,” Szajer said. “I made a statement to the police about this.”   

Viktor Orban led Hungarian government has curtailed LGBTQ rights since he was elected prime minister in 2010. Szajer, who fronted Fidesz in the European Parliament, helped draft Hungary’s constitution to “protect the institution of marriage as the union of a man and a woman.”

Szajer announced his resignation as an MEP and asked people to treat the matter as “strictly personal” to him. “I ask everyone not to extend it to my homeland, or to my political community,” he added.