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Hospital Staff Organise Wedding For Recovering Covid-19 Patient

A Hospital has shared a post on their Facebook page about a wedding that took place in a Covid-19 ward between a recovering patient and his Fiancé. Carlos Muniz and his fiancé, Grace held a brief wedding ceremony just as he was recovering from Covid-19.

In the caption, the hospital detailed that Carlos and Grace were ready to get married when Muniz tested Covid positive. His condition became critical and he was put on “ECMO, a form of life support, as a last chance at survival.”

“Carlos’s fight for life had diminished over the weeks and his emotions drained from his body,” however, “the power of love and the wedding of a lifetime helped Carlos find the motivation to overcome the virus.”

“The most difficult part for me, was just letting him go into the E.R. and not knowing when I would see him again,” Grace said.

St. Antonio’s Methodist Hospital workers found out the two were engaged, and decided to do something special.

“We were trying to be creative to get people and bring some life back into people and help them continue to fight through what is one of the worst hospitalizations I’ve ever seen,” said registered nurse Matt Holdridge.

That creativity led to a wedding ceremony on Aug. 11.
Carlos wore a tuxedo shirt and was able to leave his room while on life support machine with the help of hospital staff.
Grace wore her wedding dress and the couple were surrounded by family.

Carlos is still in the hospital ICU, but has now tested negative for COVID-19.

Grace said he has a long road to recovery, but she’s thankful for the support and love the hospital staff has provided.

“We pray for you every day for the risk that you’re taking to take care of our loved ones. Thank you,” she said.