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GHANA: Police Warns Against Harmful New Year Prophecies

Police in Ghana have warned faith leaders against making traditional New Year prophecies which can cause fear, anxiety or death.

The right of freedom of worship must not violate the rights of others, the police said in a statement in response to critics who say the order violates the constitutional right for freedom of religion and it is therefore illegal.

Millions of Christians often gather in churches for new year proclamations from pastors about the incoming year.

The messages often range from optimistic projections to those warning of impending doom.

The police order came into force last year after the public was inundated by predictions of deaths and calamity.

The statement also commended religious groups for their “cooperation” and for “adopting legally acceptable means for communicating prophecies”.

The police said they had adopted 27 December as Prophecy Communication Compliance Day.

“This day is being set aside to remind all of us to practice our faith within the confines of the law to ensure safe, secure environment, free of anxiety generated from predictions of impending harm, danger or death,” the statement said.