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GHANA: New Legislation Allows Cannabis Cultivation For Industrial/Medicinal Purposes

Ghana’s parliament has amended the Narcotics Control Commission Bill 2023 granting permission for the cultivation of cannabis for industrial purposes.

This milestone achievement comes after the Supreme Court intervened and declared section 43 of the law as unconstitutional, thereby hindering the smooth passage of the legislation. 

With the enactment of this law, Ghana takes a significant step towards harnessing the potential benefits of cannabis cultivation. By allowing the controlled cultivation of cannabis with limited THC content, the government aims to tap into its industrial potential and explore its use in the production of fibre and seed. Moreover, the medicinal properties of cannabis can now be further explored and utilized in a regulated manner.

This is expected to pave the way for the development of a well-regulated cannabis industry in Ghana, ensuring that its cultivation and usage adhere to strict guidelines and quality standards.