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FRANCE: Surge In Vaccine Uptake After Macron Made Vaccine Passport Compulsory

President Emmanuel Macron’s televised address warning of a new coronavirus surge fuelled by the fast-spreading delta variant and the implementation of Covid passport may resulted in a few demonstrations on the streets, it appears to be paying off.

Macron in his address introduced a new policy that makes vaccinations or a recent negative test mandatory for anyone who works in health care and nursing homes or who has contact with vulnerable people, with a deadline of mid-September and also anyone aged 12 and over who wants to visit an amusement park, attend a show, concert or festival, starting on July 21.

Those who fail to do comply could face sanctions or fines.

 A record 926,000 people booked their first dose through the online medical platform Doctolib – “an absolute record,” according to the website. Hundreds of thousands more have continued to book slots on Tuesday after French President’s address where he warned the nation of a new coronavirus surge.