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FRANCE: ECHR Rules Against Switzerland On Climate Inaction

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on Tuesday delivered rulings in a group of landmark climate change cases aimed at making national governments meet treaty obligations to cut greenhouse emissions.

In one of the three cases, it upheld a complaint by a group of elderly Swiss women that government failures to properly oversee emissions did violate their human rights.

In a case brought by some 2,000 members of Senior Women for Climate Protection, judges found that the Swiss government had violated some human rights by missing past emissions reduction targets. 

While activists have enjoyed past success in domestic proceedings, the verdict marks the first time an international court made such a ruling on climate change.

Elizabeth Stern, a board member of the group, called the association of the Swiss Senior Women for Climate Protection, said it was a “wonderful moment” for her.

“It’s just incredible after eight years to have a final judgement,” she said, adding that it was “a long journey.” 

Stern said she hopes that their victory will be an inspiration to other groups.

“I would imagine right now our government is not too happy because they really get a lot of work,” she said. 

Climate change campaigner, Greta Thunberg joined activists celebrating at the court in Strasbourg.

“This is only the beginning of climate litigation,” said Ms Thunberg. “This means that we have to fight even more, since this is only the beginning. Because in a climate emergency, everything is at stake.”

The ruling is binding and can trickle down to influence the law in 46 countries in Europe including the UK.