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Four-year-old Buys $2,618 Worth Of SpongBob Ice-lollies On Amazon

A four-year-old New York boy took his love for SpongeBob ice lollies to a new level when he ordered   a staggering $2,618 worth of the popsicles from amazon on his Mum’s account without her consent.

Noah Ruiz, from Brooklyn, ordered 51 cases containing a total of 918 popsicles delivered to his aunt’s house.

Amazon initially told Noah’s mother, Jennifer Bryant, that they wouldn’t take back the ice lollies – leaving the social work student stuck with the bill. However, the online retail giant has since been in contact with Jenifer to find a solution – and thankfully, the SpongeBob saga has a happy ending.

Amazon now says they will donate the proceeds of the popsicles to a local charity after a GoFundMe page set up to support Jenifer raised more than $11,000.

The family says all additional funds will go towards Noah’s education, Noah is on the autism spectrum.

“As a parent to a child living with ASD [autism spectrum disorder, all additional donations will go towards Noah’s education and additional supports. We cannot thank you enough. Truly,” Jennifer Bryant wrote on the GoFundMe page.