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EGYPT: Nation To Tax YouTube Content Creators, Bloggers

Egyptian Tax authority has announced plans to tax YouTube, Bloggers and any other content creators according to a release by head of the Egyptian Tax Authority, Reda Abdel Kader.

‘’Individuals who engage in content creation activity (bloggers – YouTubers) must go to the Tax Authority office to open a tax file to register the relevant income tax, as well as register the competent value-added when their revenues reach LE 500,000 within twelve months from the date of practicing activity’’.

Abdel Kader noted that e-commerce is an updated form of marketing and sales imposed by changes in communication technology and new communication.

Kader is leaning on Income Tax Law 91 of 2005 and Value Added Tax Law No. 67 of 2016 to justify the decision of Tax authority which he claims is backed by the Ministry of finance.