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CLOSE SHAVE: Angry Customer Shot Barber After Being Upset With His Trim

A local Kansas city barber survived a shooting late last week after an angry customer allegedly opened fire, Vernie O. Dickens, 33 had asked for a discounted haircut and was obliged by one of the barbers at the shop.

Dickson complained about the trim and returned the next day looking for the barber. When the owner of the shop told him the barber wasn’t there, the man became agitated and pulled a gun.

Dráque Murff, the owner of Dráque’s Barbershop stated that he ran but got shot in the back. He said he kept running but fell when he tried to jump over a fence, the assailant stood over him with the gun.

“It was a terrible situation, lying there with a gun to my head,” Murff said. “I said one more prayer. He pulled the trigger and I just heard a click.”

He heard several more clicks as a stranger came to help. “I looked up and saw some big dude.”  “He was trying to get the gun away and I went over and started hitting him.”

The other barbers had caught up by then and joined in to help and got the gun of Dickens.

Vernie O. Dickens was charged Friday with first-degree assault, unlawful weapon use and two counts of armed criminal action in connection with a shooting that occurred last week inside Draque’s Barber Shop. He is currently being held in the Jackson County jail on a $75,000 bond.