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BODY DOUBLE: Kevin Hart Spooked By His Zambian Lookalike

If Hollywood is looking to cast for a body double for Actor/Comedian Kevin Hart, TikTok just presented them ones in Zambian internet sensation, John@arabmoney44.

John and Kevin’s resemblance is uncanny that Hart felt spooked when he first saw John’s TikTok video. ‘’This guy actually looks like me, he looks like we were born exactly by the same woman.’’

Speaking to radio presenter, Charlamagne Kevin said the first time he saw John’s video, he thought he was playing with filters, then he saw it the second time and though it was real.

Asked if he felt the urge to hit John up with a DM after seeing his video, Hart said No! that is wired!

Though his exact location is unconfirmed, his TikTok bio has African and Canadian flags, and he uses the hashtag, “Zambia” in some of his videos. 

His content consists of him dancing to music and singing including a video of him acting out a Kevin Hart voiceover. That video has over one million views.