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AUSTRIA: Airline Lands Safely After Hailstorm Causes Severe Damage Midair

An Austrian Airlines flight survived a hail in flight turbulence and safely landed despite extensive damage to its nose, cockpit windows.

The Airbus A320 made a Mayday call as the front of the aircraft was battered by hail in a flight from Mallorca to Vienna when it hit a “thunderstorm cell.” Emmeley Oakley, a passenger on the flight, told the newsmen that passengers screamed during the incident, which began with turbulence about 20 minutes before landing. “We could definitely feel the hail coming down on the plane and it was quite loud and of course super rocky for a minute,” The airline said the severe patch of weather was not visible on the radar to cockpit crew and that the Mayday call was issued because of the damage. It added that the plane was able to make a safe landing at Vienna-Schwechat Airport with no passengers hurt. “It wasn’t until we exited that we saw the nose was missing!” Oakley said