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Athlete Skips Championship To Donate Kidney For Mum

An Oklahoma State athlete Sanye Ford has volunteered to donate a kidney as part of a paired exchange, a program that allows donors who are not compatible to match with another recipient in a swap.

Ford’s kidney will go to an anonymous recipient and her mom Rhonda will receive a kidney from an anonymous donor.

Rhonda, has stage IV kidney disease and became seriously ill last year. Sanye, a long jumper, did not match as a donor, but she is giving her kidney to someone else in a swap that will allow her mom to have a transplant.

As a result of all the testing and prep, she will not compete in this weekend’s Big 12 outdoor championships. “My mom my whole life has made so many sacrifices, whether it’s time, energy, money, whatever,” she said. “I can never repay her for everything but this is the closest I could get to it.”

It’s a chance to help save two lives. “That’s the type of person Sanye is,” Rhonda said. “She takes care of everybody.”

That makes this weekend extra special.

“I think this (Mother’s Day) will be a little more special,” Sanye added. “I’m thankful for her every day, regardless.”