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Last week’s comment about Africans by FC Schalke's chairman Clemens Tönnies deemed by the club’s board as racist and went against the club’s anti-discriminatory policy will only see him step down from his post as chairman for three months only to return as if nothing happened.

Proceedings in the Kenya National Assembly was were temporarily brought to a standstill when some male and female legislators staged a walk out in solidarity with Kwale Representative, Zuleika Hassan was ordered by Speaker Christopher Omuelele to withdraw from the chambers for bringing her five-month-old baby to the chambers.

Days after two mass shootings in the U.S. left more than 30 people dead, two countries issued travel warnings to their citizens against travelling to the United States.

Hollywood legend, Samuel L. Jackson has traced his ancestry to the Bantu tribe in the African nation of Gabon. Jackson took part in ‘Finding Your Roots’ - an American documentary-series that uses traditional genealogical research and genetics to discover family roots of celebrities.

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