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The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) has released the designs of the commemorative banknotes and coins for Nelson Mandela’s birth centenary, ahead of the launch on July 13.

In a swift reaction to last week’s news that Israel had ruled not to recognise the Ugandan Jewish community, the chair of the council of elders of the Jewish Community in Uganda, Joab Jonadab Keki says they are not bothered by the decision of the Israeli government not to recognise them because the only recognition they want is from God and not by any state on earth.

The International Criminal Court has acquitted Congolese former-vice president Jean-Pierre Bemba of war crimes charges and ordered his immediate release.

Police in Tokyo had egg on their and was forced to apologize to a Japanese woman who was handed a wrong dead body as her missing husband after her spouse turned up alive a year later.

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