Black Heritage Radio is a professional combination of internet based radio station with entertainment and lifestyle  journalism, it is one of a kind combination that is designed to serve as a veritable source f entertainment, information and education. On BHR, we bring you a fresh perspective to entertainment and lifestyle news and events as they unfold weekly.

Make a date with us  for authentic scoops, snippets, interviews and informed opinions on entertainment and lifestyle news around the world  as they affect people of Africa decent. If you have a view to put across, our blog page is yours for the asking; BHR is the melting pot of different viewpoints. On radio, we offer professionally packed infortainment programmes and strive to give voice to the voiceless, BHR is your number one  station of choice for live corporate and individual events coverage, social engagements, and landmark activities.

Welcome to a new and refreshing experience in internet radio braodcast.