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UK: Staffordshire University Graduates On A Rollercoaster

By Published July 11, 2019

A group of graduating students from Staffordshire University took their graduation ceremony to dizzy heights by having it on a rollercoaster in a theme park.

The graduates of Visitor Attraction and Resort Management foundation course boarded the Oblivion ride at Alton Towers in caps and gowns.

According to Alton Towers, it was the first graduation to take place on a rollercoaster – although the students did also experience a more traditional ceremony on campus earlier.

The students, who all completed placements at the theme park as part of the course, were given their certificates before the ride climbed into the air and then dropped them in free fall.

The coaster climbs 65ft before a 197ft drop then free falls vertically at speeds of up to 68mph to the ground below.

The Oblivion is marketed as the “world’s first vertical drop rollercoaster”, sees riders overhang a 60-metre drop before zooming straight down, experiencing a G force of up to 4.5.

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