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UK: Busta Rhymes Respond To BA Flight Escort Incident

By Published August 07, 2019

Hip-Hop artist Busta Rhymes has responded to the incident that led to him being escorted off BA flight by police.

The 47-year-old in an Instagram video explained how his response to the effect that ‘’they’d handle the situation once they landed’’ which only meant they’d talk things out once in London was misunderstood as a threat.

“The thing that’s getting out of hand is, you patronize me when I’m out here talking to the powers that be,” Rhymes could be heard saying. “You looking at me and laughing in my face. We’re all grown. There’s no reason for you to be jumping involuntarily, including yourself in this discussion that had nothing to do with you.”

“They want to create a narrative? Well, this is how we answer back those narratives,” he said in the clip.

Busta reportedly reacted angrily to a woman who left her luggage in his overhead cabin. A video appears to shows Rhymes engaged in a discussion, accusing a passenger of “patronising” him and “laughing in [his] face”.

When the plane landed in London, Busta reportedly got escorted from the flight by police officers waiting at the airport. However, no arrest was made.

British Airways in a statement said the pilot gave passengers the option of moving away from the argument, and the flight didn’t continue until everyone said they were “happy” to proceed.

Then before the plane landed, one of the passengers contacted the authorities, who were waiting for the New York artist when it landed in London.

“Officers at Heathrow were requested by the airline of an inbound plane to Heathrow Airport from the US following an alleged verbal altercation involving several passengers,” said a spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police.

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