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UGANDA: British Man Charged For Poisoning Villagers With Toxic 'Miracle Cure'

By Published August 01, 2019

A British man who claim to be a clairvoyant and three Ugandans have been charged and detained for carrying out illegal clinical trials and administering people with industrial bleach claiming cure for HIV, malaria and cancer.

Sam Little, from Arlesey in Bedfordshire, Tim Tom, a pastor at Fort portal Christian fellowship, and herbalists Samuel Albert and Samula Tadeo were arrested after it was reported in May that their network, led by American pastor Robert Baldwin and part-funded by Little, was giving a liquid called Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) to up to 50,000 Ugandans.

Poor Ugandans, including infants as young as 14 months old, were being given chlorine dioxide, an oxidizing agent used in water treatment and in bleaching that has no known health benefit and can be extremely dangerous.

“They were charged with carrying out illegal clinical trials and supplying of impure drugs,” said Uganda Police spokesperson Fred Enanga.

He added that the Ugandan men were also charged with two more counts of being in unlawful possession of a narcotic drug and also smoking a narcotic drug.

Little was arrested in May after the Guardian newspaper reported a network of individuals giving the ‘miracle cure’ to poor Ugandan villagers. The three Ugandans were operating in Kabarole and Fort portal in western Uganda.

The Ugandan police have revealed that samples of the solution were found "to contain a dangerous toxin that is harmful for human consumption", encouraging those who still have the mixture to hand it over to the police or visit a registered medical facility for review of their cases.

The men face up to 10 years in jail and a fine if found guilty of distributing impure drugs and another 10-year jail term if convicted of unlawful possession of narcotics.

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