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R Kelly’s Lifetime Of sexual Abuse Hits The Headlines Again

By Published January 08, 2019

R&B singer/songwriter Kelly is trending for the wrong reasons since a serialised documentary began airing on Lifetime channel in the early days of 2019.

The six-part series featured interviews with musicians and producers, as well as testimonies from Kelly's alleged victims. Kelly has consistently denied all allegations made against him over the past two decades.

The 51-year-old has reportedly reacted to the documentary saying it is a vendetta against him, claiming he didn't watch it but plans on suing everybody who had anything to do with this.

R Kelly released a new song, “Born to My Music”, in the days leading up to the premiere of Surviving R Kelly documentary did not move the discussion as the number of high profile celebrities publicly denouncing him grows.

John Legend, who also featured in the documentary tweeted that he didn't “give a f*** about protecting a serial child rapist” and dismissed praise for his courage in appearing on camera.

“It didn't feel risky at all,” he wrote. “I believe these women.”

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