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LONDON: Michael Jackson Fans Protest Against Sex Abuse Documentary

By Published March 06, 2019

Fans of king of pop, Michael Jackson are protesting outside Channel 4’s London HQ against the airing of a documentary titled ‘Leaving Neverland‘this evening.

The two-part documentary will air over two consecutive nights features extensive testimonies from James Safechuck and Wade Robson – who both allege that they were abused by the late pop icon as children.

The crowds congregated at the broadcaster’s base in Horseferry Road, London, displaying banners with Jackson’s face covered by the word “innocent”. Other signs said “leave him to rest” and “facts don’t lie, people do”, a phrase which they also chanted on repeat.

One protester who claimed to have travelled from Australia for the demonstration expressed belief the documentary will not impact his reputation.

A Facebook event detailing today’s fan action called for the “army of moonwalkers” to “come together in peaceful protest”. It also called for “no dressing up” as “it’s a serious matter we are putting across”.

The page said to it was a call to "boycott releasing of disgusting documentary Leaving Neverland in UK TV and show public the true Angelic Beauty of MICHAEL J JACKSON".

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