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Former Boxing Champ Chris Eubank Is Now A Cop In America

By Published December 12, 2018

Boxing legend Chris Eubank shared a video of himself on Twitter working as a police officer in Louisiana USA.

The former super-middle weight champion sported his signature bow tie and showed off his badge while on duty as a city marshal in Opelousas, Louisiana.

The 52 year-old whose new role as a city marshal gives him power of arrest has been giving lectures on how to 'peacefully defuse difficult situations' across the Deep South.

City marshal who are often instilled by the sitting mayor are charged with enforcing court orders, such as serving tenants with a notice of eviction and escorting them out of their homes, and serving individuals with warrants and subpoenas.

When defendants are issued tickets or fines as a result of their activities, such as restitution for damaged property, a city marshal oversees the coordination of long-term payment plans and will sometimes be sent to seize property and belongings.

In court, a city marshal coordinates the schedules for bailiffs and other court security officers. When required, she serves as bailiff during legal proceedings.

Chris Eubank declared himself bankrupt in 2005 over an unpaid £1.3 million tax bill despite career earnings of $35million.

Eubank is also known for his charitable course one of which include building more than 65 flats for homeless people worth 1.5 million pounds.

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