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Ladi Taiwo

Ladi Taiwo

The Zimbabwean parents of an 8-month-old heavily malnourished girl, who failed to seek urgent medical care because of their religious beliefs, have been jailed.

The White House has issued a notice to suspend agricultural trade benefits to South Africa over an unresolved poultry flap.

U.S. trade officials said that if South Africa doesn’t make a concerted effort to eliminate barriers to poultry, pork and beef exports, the nation could lose its trading advantages under the recently renewed African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA).

Michael Lewis arrived united kingdom with no dime to his name, though armed with a degree in computer science, he ended up as a security guard, he went on to build C.T Guard UK Ltd - a leading security company that today employ  a handful of people of different races and background. He had a sit down with our editor ‘Ladi Taiwo for #Gamechangers, sharing his story as well as his plans to replicate the business module in Nigeria. Excerpts:

As advance security team from the Vatican inspects sites that Pope Francis will visit during his three-day tour of Kenya, the first of three Africa countries on his historic visit to the continent, anxiety mounts on the health of the 78 year old pontiff following two separate stumbles in three days during official engagements.

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