Ladi Taiwo

Ladi Taiwo

Five Nigerians resident in Ghana have been reportedly killed following a reprisal attack against the alleged killing of a Ghanaian man by his Nigerian neighbour in the Sowutoum area of the country.

The English Football Association are under pressure to explain why a payment of £80,000 was quietly made to former England international, Eniola Aluko after making an allegation that head coach Mark Sampson made comments with "racial and prejudicial connotations" to a team-mate.

A Nigerian engineer whose bank mistaken transfer of over 7.3 million naira ($20,000) into his account had to use his twitter handle to alert his bank of the error having waited twenty four hours for the bank to realise their mistake and contact him.

A 38-year-old Orlando woman who pretended to have terminal cancer and obtained donations from donors through checks and fund transfers to two GoFundMe fundraising websites set up in October 2014 on her behalf.

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