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The default scenario in a workplace is workers demanding a pay rise, a demand that sometimes result in industrial actions but in Canada, the reverse is the case as more than 500 resident doctors and over 150 medical students signed a public letter protesting against their own pay raises in solidarity with Nurses and patients.

The election of Nigerian Italian, Toni Iwobi as a senator may be a first, the anti-immigrant League party on whose platform he achieved the feat may be lost on many but not Footballer, Mario Balotelli.

The UK is to spend up to £700,000 on a new extension in one of Nigeria's largest prisons to help expedite the transfer of offenders from British jails.

In identifying with feminism on the international day of women last Thursday, fast food giant McDonalds flipped its famous arches upside down in some of its US franchise stores and on some of their social media platforms.

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