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A 64-year-old grandmother caught smuggling drugs to her grandson in prison has herself been locked up.

Carolyn Lou Gay had just finished a visit with her grandson at a West Virginia jail Sept. 2 when officers directed his cell be strip-searched.

While Nigerians up and down the country celebrate the anniversary of independence; this is also an occasion to ponder on our challenges and way forward. While with a friend at a corporate governance forum, we got chatting on a broad level and the following discussion ensued: what or who is responsible for the current state of affairs in Nigeria? Are we the victims of bad planners, poor executors or both? Where did we veer off and indeed, where lies the strength to get back on track?

Two three-year-old children have been accidentally shot by another toddler at a home day care facility in Detroit, Michigan.

Fed up of waiting for Mr Right, a 40-year-old Italian woman has decided to go solo by marrying herself in a ceremony with a white wedding dress, a three tier cake, bridesmaids and 70 guests.

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