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ZIMBABWE: A Legitimate Coup? By Chukwudi Okolie Ugbaja

By Published November 16, 2017

Events in Zimbabwe present a tricky situation. The old fox called Robert Mugabe is under house arrest in what the army laboriously presents as an attempt at purging the Zimbabwean leader of criminals around him.

Africa is beset with yet another mind blowing political impasse. Ordinarily, we should all troop out against the action of the soldiers since the continent has suffered greatly from military adventurism. The knotty point however, is the question of Mugabe's indisputable sit-tight rule and the near impossibility of removing him by democratic means; not because he was popular, but because he had made choice, an endangered concept in his country's democracy credentials.

I am not one of those weeping for Mugabe even as I am still not one of those giving Zimbabwean soldiers their shoulder(s). It is a sticky situation over there. This is not the time one would like to head the Africa Union (AU) or the Southern Africa Development Commission (SADC).

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