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UK: Trump To Visit UK To Open New US Embassy Building

By Published January 07, 2018

Speculation about President Trump’s visit to the UK may have been finally put to rest as Prime minister Theresa May confirm the visit in an interview last weekend.

With the official opening of the new US embassy building in London scheduled for the early part of the new year, happening before the royal wedding in May, it is safe to say a favourable post-Brexit trade deal between Britain and the US is on course.

Speculation that Trump could be snubbed for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding in Windsor has been rife since the couple announced their engagement.

Ms Markle has previously described the President as "divisive" and a "misogynist", while Prince Harry is good friends with Trump's predecessor Barack Obama.

Theresa May controversially extended the offer of a state visit to Trump on her visit to the White House shortly after his inauguration last year.

Since then, however, the visit has generated as much controversy as President Trump himself prompting calls for it to be cancelled or be met with massive demonstration.

The US first purchased the site overlooking the Thames from the south bank in 2008 with the aim to produce a "modern, safe and energy efficient embassy for the 21st century", and it was funded through the sale of other US government properties in London.

It had looked at renovating its current building on Grosvenor Square, but in the end decided that constructing a new facility was the best way to meet its goals.

At the ground breaking, US Ambassador Matthew Barzun said “We are proud to be putting down roots in Nine Elms. And we’re proud to provide an anchor for more businesses and jobs, bringing thousands of new neighbours to fuel economic revitalisation here.”

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