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UK: Theresa May’s Windrush Kicking On Jamaica Independence Celebrations

By Published August 09, 2018

British Prime Minister Theresa May’s attempt to identify with Jamaicans on the 56 years of Jamaica independence on twitter backfired for her as the ‘ghost of Windrush’ dominated the conversation.

Theresa May twitted ‘’Today marks 56 years of Jamaican independence. The contribution of Jamaicans in the UK and abroad is huge – long may that continue #JamaicanIndependenceDay

While the tweet was probably sent with the best intentions, people online didn't miss the opportunity to remind the former home secretary of the Windrush scandal – A policy initiated by May that saw Caribbean migrants invited to rebuild the UK in the 1950s after the war being detained and deported from the country.

@OldBobCyprus: ‘’pity you didn’t think about that when you made the windrush citizens unwelcome and still make it difficult for them by demanding they sign NDAs before you pay them their due compensation.’’

@trollfree: ‘’Windrush Theresa Windrush that’s all we need to know about your attitude to certain sections of society. Whoever dream’t up this tweet is wasted and should be on the telly as a comedian.’’

@PaulPJB: ‘’Well done Prime Minister. You wished Jamaica a happy birthday and the contribution of their immigrants without revealing any irony. If a civil servant typed that out for you I hope they get a bonus as an incentive. #TheresaMay #Conservative.’’

@WriterInPyjamas: ‘’Seriously, who advises you? They set you up every time to be a political and marketing disaster. I’m very glad; but it is embarrassing for us all. #Windrush#HostileEnvironment.’’

@ACKaminski: ‘’Except that your government has done its best to deport a number of Jamaican-born Windrush Generation, hastily and without adherence to due process, simply to meet deportation targets. Shame on the Tories!’’

@ReubenRobyns: After introducing your horrific, hostile immigration policy, you're tweeting this?

@kelvinfay: ‘’Even for you that tweet reaches a new low. Irony doesn’t even come close. You and all your acolytes are quite despicable.’’

@Humdiha: #Irony is dead! @sajidjavid is currently trying to buy the silence of the #Windrush victims of YOUR #hostileenvironment policies, pushed through by YOU despite clear warnings they would target, among others, British Jamaicans.

The government was recently accused of forcing members of the Windrush generation to sign non-disclosure agreements, according to report from The Independent newspaper.

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