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UK: Outage Over Conservative MP’s Islamophobic Racist Tweet

By Published July 17, 2018

A Conservative MP Michael Fabricant who tweeted an inflammatory image about London Mayor, Sadiq Khan has been accused of racism and Islamophobia.

The controversial cartoon depicts a balloon version of Sadiq Khan having sex with an inflated balloon pig over the Houses of Parliament while Donald Trump laughs.

The US President is currently in the UK – his first trip here since his election – and has been met with a huge number of planned protests. Khan granted permission to some of the protesters to fly a large balloon of Trump in diapers in some part of London.

Fabricant added “Well, what can I say.”to the tweet before posting it on the social media site but deleted it shortly afterwards, not before the caused a storm of reactions from people who found it distasteful including Sadiq Khan.

The London mayor called for the Conservative Party to take action against the backbencher, who has represented Lichfield in Staffordshire since 1997, and MP Wes Streeting saying he has written to the Conservative chief whip, Julian Smith, about the incident.

Michael Fabricant later issued an apology on Twitter, “Because I was distracted in a meeting and saw it on a tiny iPhone screen, I didn’t spot what it really was.

“When I saw the picture I thought it was just a funny cartoon of a flying pig doing something to the baby Trump blimp.”

I then realised it was “something quite different and very nasty” and deleted it after a couple of minutes, he said.

He added: “I would never deliberately put up a racist or Islamophobic tweet to offend people.”

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