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UK: Lennox Lewis Vs Anthony Joshua – The battle Of "Disturbed Clowns" Heightens

By Published August 16, 2019

The war of word between former undisputed heavyweight champion, Lennox Lewis and Anthony Joshua has been ragging since Lewis criticized AJ after his first ever professional defeat in the hands of Andy Ruiz Jr.

Lewis called on Joshua to stop "chasing the money" and to ditch trainer Rob McCracken following the loss of his three title belts.

Joshua hit back in a documentary screened on Sky Sports, calling Lewis a ‘clown’. "Lennox is a clown. I don't respect Lennox," he said on AJ: The Untold Truth – a Sky Sport documentary.

Lennox Lewis has fired back at AJ saying ‘Anthony Joshua is "disturbed and distressed" as the heavyweights' row escalated even further.

He said he was disappointed with his fellow Olympic champion's comments. "He’s disturbed right now," Lewis told a sports TV. "I'm not thinking about it, because these are things said out of distress. So I accept his apology ahead of time."

Lewis then wrote on Twitter of his willingness to settle the feud. "I don’t blame AJ as much as I blame the people around him that stoke the fires.

"I have remained at an arms distance from AJ to respect that he wants to make his own way. I’m sure he also gets sick of the constant comparisons to me over his entire career.

"He is the first AJ, not the next Lennox Lewis. Like I said, I won’t fall into that trap and be pitted against him. He has a watershed moment in his career coming up and all this only serves as a distraction by the media. Notice how they only led with his comments about me?

"AJ has my number if he ever wants to clarify what is being said in the media or show me where I'm wrong about something. My doors remain open to him, but just know that disrespect is not answer to his frustrations."

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