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UK: Kweku Adoboli Turns Compliance Trainer

By Published October 21, 2015

Ghanaian born city trader found guilty of unauthorised trading loss in UK while working for Swiss bank UBS resulting in the loss of £1.5 billion, has shaken off the home office deportation threat.

 Reports made available to BHR  has it that the 35 year old has teamed up with Paul Whittaker, formerly the head of compliance trading at HSBC, to speak to financial workers on the consequences of reckless trading.

Kweku Adoboli, who in 2012, was sentenced to seven years in prison and released after serving more than half of his sentence, has had to defend his continued stay in the UK against the home office was last week .

As if that wasn’t enough, the Financial Conduct Authority announced earlier in the week that it has formally banned Kweku Aboboli from working in the financial services industry.

Adoboli who is currently pursuing a PhD in corporate governance and compliance said he had expected the ban. “All I want to do is the right thing to make amends for my failings, to build a path of certainty for the future, to help others learn from what I was asked to go away and learn, It seems fair that every man should have the opportunity for redemption, to learn from his mistakes and to go home to his family, whoever he deems that family to be.”

Adoboli said the ban marked the closing of a difficult chapter for him. "I fully recognise the reasons for my prohibition and thank the FCA for their restraint. My hope now is to move forward in a positive way to help others learn from the mistakes I've made," Adoboli said in a statement




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