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UK: Idris Elba Suggests Exposure To Coronavirus Was Meeting With Justin Trudeau’s Wife

By Published March 18, 2020

Following his confirmed positive test to coronavirus, actor Idris Elba put out a video to denounce the myth that black people are immune to the virus, he also hinted on the possible contact that infected him.

The 47-year-old said he was first ‘exposed’ to the virus on 4 March at a WE Day event where he was pictured with Sophie Trudeau, wife of Canadian president Justin Trudeau. Although he didn’t mention the Canadian prime minister’s wife by name, President Trudeau and his wife went into self-isolation as Sophie tested positive on her return to Canada.

Idris said ‘That’s when the person that came up positive, that was the time I got in contact with that person.

‘So essentially, I could have been positive since March 4, but it’s hard to say when I made contact with someone with corona. You can contract it any time. My known exposure was on March 4.’ He then explained how he had managed to get tested, when tests are only being given to those with the most serious symptoms. The actor said: ‘The simple answer is that on Friday last week I was told that someone that I had been in contact with had tested positive and I’m on location, about to start film and the news breaks that this person, who is also in the public eye, had tested positive.

‘So it was something I had to do…my job made me test immediately. It meant putting a lot of people at risk if I had been exposed.’

Elba, who is self-isolating with wife Sabrina, showed no symptoms when he tested positive, but as someone with asthma, the star admits that he is worried about the virus. He said: ‘Yes, of course I’m worried. I’m worried about having the virus, I’m worried about having asthma and how that can make things really complicated for me really quickly. ’I’m really worried about what’s going on in the world, if I’m honest, I’m worried about how we’re dealing with it.’

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