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UK: Idris Elba Defends Paying To Get Coronavirus Test While Frontline NHS Staff Couldn’t

By Published March 25, 2020

Grammy Award-winning rapper Cardi B, 27, got a lot people talking during the week with an Instagram Live story where she said the high-profile names who have contracted the deadly virus sound like they are in "a Flat Tummy Tea commercial,” referring to detox products influencers are paid to promote online.

The clip fuelled internet conspiracies which prompted another video from Idris Elba, who hit out at Cardi B describing her claims as “bull****.”

“This idea that someone like myself is going to be paid to say I’ve got coronavirus? That’s absolute bulls***,” he said. "Such stupidness. People want to spread that as if it’s news. That’s stupid.

“It’s the quickest way to get people sick because there’s no benefit to me and Sabrina sitting here saying we’ve got it if we ain’t got it. I don’t even understand the logic of that.”

The Instagram spat followed criticism of celebrities having access to coronavirus tests, when many frontline NHS workers are currently unable to assess whether they have the virus because of lack of testing kits.

Elba, 47, also defended the fact he had been tested for Covid-19, and argued it was not worth arguing about privilege when it came to the virus.

“I think the debate about rich and poor and who’s getting it and who’s not, I think, is not a healthy debate,” he argued.

"It’s like, I got a test but I also got Covid. Does that make me preferential? I don’t understand that.

“I don’t feel like I’m privileged because I got a test because I actually contracted it.”

Elba is one of many famous faces who have contracted the deadly Covid-19 strain and gone public about it.

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