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UK: Christian Benteke Launch Suites Range

By Published April 08, 2018

With injury blighted career, Premiership footballer Christian Benteke last week launched his bespoke clothing collection - Apsley Bespoke Benteke tailor-made suit with Arshad Mahmood, the mastermind tailor behind the making of thecollection.

Speaking about the venture, Benteke said “Growing up I had an interest in fashion, I am young and I am still very into fashion.”

“Football isn’t just all about the ball I think you have to try to create something else you have to be a human being outside of the football pitch that is what I am trying to do. It is not just about kicking a ball and running behind a ball that is why I am trying to do more. It is a life investment’’.

Benteke and Apsley’s path crossed at the 2016 Crystal Palace’s FA Cup final against Manchester United in 2016, during which The Eagles were dressed by Apsley Tailors. Benteke fondly admitted that the bespoke slim-fitted suit was the inspiration behind this collaboration.

“This inspiration came around last year – I heard they had some really good designs and are quite creative about what they are doing. “I am really pleased that it is in my name to represent the brand with this type of suit – it is something I am pleased to wear.”

The Kinshasa born Belgium international has a huge plan for his suits collection in coming World cup, Benteke is hopeful that he can persuade the Belgium national team to have the Apsley Bespoke ChristianBenteke collection as their official suit attire for the games in Russian this summer.

Each suit starts from £6,000-£8,000

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