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UGANDA: MPs Warned Against Reckless Sexual Liaison With Delegates During Conference

By Published September 13, 2019

Ugandans have been reacting to the advice from Speaker, Rebecca Kadaga to Members of the Ugandan parliament to keep their fly up and be at their best behaviour during the forthcoming Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference(CPC) to be hosted in the country.

Speaker of parliament, Rebecca Kadaga advised MPs to observe etiquette, respect the official dress code and warned them against indulging with delegates.

“When you ‘load’ your plates, don’t overload, don’t mix dessert and meat, pineapple and matooke, and the soup,” Kadaga said, adding: “while eating, even when you are hungry, don’t rush.”

Kadaga added that several members of the Ugandan parliament had been impregnated by Tanzanian delegates a few years ago when Uganda held a summit with Tanzania.

“So, don’t take risks, don’t get involved, a man may come from Jamaica and you won’t see him again, and for the men, a woman from down in the Pacific, you cannot find her again. We must be very careful in whatever we do,” Kadaga said.

The Speaker also implored the MPs and the staff not to drink excessively. “Your drinking should be done in your homes and avoid the smell of alcohol in the morning,” she said.

‘’The fact that this has to be even a conversation amongst MPs leaves us with so many questions’’ one twitter user posted.

Another tweet read ‘’Sounds like school children being warned not to misbehave.... Ridiculous!!!! I would be offended if i were Jamaican’’

‘’When does one rest from patriarchal princess - ing? Riyale! Why the need to control how women choose to live their lives, even in parliament!! Kadaga needs to find a new hobby!’’

Over a thousand delegates are expected at the conference slated for September 22 to 29 at the Commonwealth Resort Hotel in Munyonyo, Kampala.

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