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UGANDA: Liberian Missionary Arrested For Faking Own Kidnap

By Published January 08, 2020

Ugandan police have arrested a Liberian missionary accuse of faking his own kidnap and demanding a 74m Ugandan shilling ($20,000) ransom.

Walter Chatora, the national mission president, The Church of Jesus Christ that Taulus Zanto was at around 11pm on January 2, 2020 kidnapped by unknown people who were demanding Shs74m ransom if they wanted to see him alive again.

However, Zanto was tracked and arrested alongside his alleged accomplice, one John Makumbi, a Ugandan.

The head of the church in Nyendo town where he was volunteering reported his kidnap on the evening of 2 January triggering a search for him by the police.

Police spokesman, Fred Enanga alleged that a former colleague pretended to be his abductor and made a phone call demanding ransom.

Police later apprehended the missionary, along with a Ugandan in their hideout. "The suspects are being charged with conspiracy, giving false information and demanding by menace," the police said.

Neither suspects have commented on the allegations.

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