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TANZANIA: Pastor Detained For Death During Baptism

By Published July 17, 2017

A Baptism ceremony in the Ugwasi River at Rombo area, in northern Tanzania took a turn for the worst after two of the people being baptised drowned.

Kilimanjaro Regional Police Commander Hamis Selemani confirmed the death of two men named Gasper Gervas 47, of Mkindi Village and Proches Msema 30, of Mandachini village both were farmers.

The two are thought to have drowned after being overwhelmed by strong currents as they were being immersed in the deep running water as part of the baptism ceremony conducted by the pastor Faida Upendo of the Shalom Church in the Rombo area.

Upendo is now being held by the police for allegedly causing the death of the two men. “We are holding the church Pastor and other followers for interrogation. We are holding them for further investigation to understand how others dead and some of the people managed to escape death’’ said the local deputy police commandant, Hamisi Selemani Issa.

The bodies of the deceased have been deposited at Huruma Hospital in the District.

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