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SOUTH AFRICA: Global Citizen Festival Marred By Mass Mugging

By Published December 05, 2018

The star-studded Global Citizen festival held last weekend in Soweto, South Africa was marred with violence and muggings.

Fifty cases of violent crime were reported and while 15 people were arrested as a result of crimes committed after "unforeseen circumstances" Police Minister Bheki Cele said told journalists.

Music revellers who attended the Global Citizen Festival showpiece at the FNB Stadium have detailed horrific experiences after the show ended, from extreme traffic congestion to lack of public transport, and robberies occurring right outside the stadium.

Revellers took to Twitter, reporting robberies, muggings, assaults and sexual harassment, some even described as a “mass mugging” and reported that there were “screams everywhere”.

The much-anticipated show to honour Nelson Mandela, who would have turned 100 this year, lived up to expectations with the headline act of American superstars Beyoncé and Jay-Z leaving fans crying for more. But afterwards, many fell prey to criminals while trapped in the stadium due to heavily backed-up traffic.

On social media, people detailed how the precinct became a “war zone” as running battles ensued between criminals and show goers, with many being mugged for their belongings while young women waiting for their rides home at a nearby garage were harassed with no security or police in sight.

There were reports of a group of about 30 men attacking people with knives and guns to dispossess them of their belongings, with some being allegedly stabbed and left with broken noses.

The official Twitter account for Global Citizen expressed sadness at “challenges” faced by people leaving the venue and said they had been “working to support people getting home safely”.

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