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RWANDA: Gay Gospel Artist Forced To Quit Day Job After ‘Coming Out’

By Published October 09, 2019

Barely a month after ‘coming out’ as gay in a Youtube video, Rwandan gospel singer, Albert Nabonibo said he has also lost his day job.

Having been ostracized by his church and close family, Nabonibo said he has now been forced to resign from his job in Accounting as a fall out of his ‘coming out’ in August 2019.

“I was good at my job, but when fellow employees saw the story they started hating me, then my bosses pushed me to resign,” Nabonibo says.

By law, homosexuality is not illegal in Rwanda, gay marriage is which force gay men and women to live in fear in a society that is predominantly Christian.

The artist said that resigning was a better option compared to outright sacking, which could have tarnished his employment record.

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