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KENYA: Nation Deports Racist Chinese Citizen Over Monkey Slur

By Published September 06, 2018

Kenyan authorities have deported a Chinese national caught on video racially abusive to Kenyan employees.

Lui Jiaqi was secretly recorded by a local employee he was about to fire describing Kenyans and even president Uhuru Kenyatta as “monkeys.” His recorded rant went virile on social media.

“I don’t like here, like a monkey people. I don’t like [to] talk with them. Smells bad and poor… and black. Who like them? Why not the bright people like the Americans?” he said.

Kenya immigration department confirmed Jiaq’s residency has been revoked after his apprehension and has subsequently been deported.

Chinese Embassy in Nairobi distanced itself from Lui Jiaqui’s comments, Zhang Gang said the video was recorded in June and that Jiaqi had been punished by his company for the wrongdoing and apologised to his Kenyan colleagues.

“The Chinese Embassy always requires the Chinese companies and individuals to abide by the local law, stay and work legally in Kenya, making a positive contribution to the friendship and cooperation between China and Kenya," Gang said in a statement.

‘’The personal talk and personal feeling of this young man does not represent the views of the vast majority of Chinese people,” he concluded.

The forum on China-Africa relations just wrapped up in Beijing, attended by over fifty Africa head of states including Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta.

The Chinese president, Xi Jinping announced another $60b investment in Africa at the just concluded summit.

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