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KENYA: Kenyans Condemns 20 MP’s Needless Trip To Russia World Cup

By Published July 12, 2018

The decision by 20 members of Kenya’s parliament to travel to Russia to watch the world cup at taxpayer’s expense ostensibly to understudy how Russia managed to host a successful world football event.

Kenyans took to social media to condemn their MPs after a selfie of the visitors went viral of social media platforms.

Kenya sports Minister, Rashid Echesa confirmed he only authorised six MP’s trip to Russia to help understand how to organise such big events.

Kenya have never made it to a World Cup final and are currently ranked 112 out of 206 nations by football's world governing body, FIFA. They have not submitted a bid to host future world cup.

Speaker of Parliament Justin Muturi said that the MPs sat on either the sports or labour committees, and were sent along with some members of the parliamentary football team, Bunge FC.

However, Senate Clerk Jeremiah Nyegenye, who is head of the Parliamentary Service Commission that determines the responsibilities and remuneration of legislators, has defended the trip saying, "It is their responsibility to understand sports, how to host such international tournaments, this is not a holiday and it is too simplistic to look at it as a joyrider mission.

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