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Interracial Internet Sensation McClure Family Dad Outed As Closet Racist

By Published July 11, 2018

The father of the YouTube sensation interracial McClure family has been outed by a ghost from his past following the release of some racist and stereotypical tweets from his old Twitter account.

The McClure’s famous twins and their parents has made a name for themselves out of their parent’s decision to live the family life and the twins upbringing on show since they were born, now the camera the family so much embrace appears not to be convincing their followers to let go of the Justin McClure racist past.

Justin McClure, who is white, shares bi-racial twin daughters with his Nigerian wife, Ami Dunn McClure, and together, the interracial couple and their daughters, Ava and Alexa and a third male child, Jersey quickly solidified themselves as an Internet sensation.

Some of McClure’s old tweets referred to Black women as “ghetto” and lovers of all things FUBU, It turns out the twins’ official Twitter page used to be their father’s personal page that he reportedly used to promote his stand-up comedy but he didn’t care to delete the incriminating messages before converting the page to one for his daughters.

One tweeter user @MissZindzi outed Justin tweeted: ‘’He had some ugly tweets from 2010/2011 with these awful stereotypical jokes about Black women...his daughters were born in 2013, they're now deleted, but I saw these online

Justin McClure also left behind a cringe-worthy blog post about interracial dating, suggesting that “FUBU and piñatas” are all it takes to attract Black and Latina women. He also claimed that while white guys are busy thinking about TED talks and buying books off of Amazon, Black and Latino guys are on the corner lifting weights or trying to sell their mixtapes.

“White guys are typically more cautious, laid back, and considerate of women,” he wrote. “White guys might see a hot black girl at a bar or something, but talk themselves out of approaching because Anderson Cooper comes on in 30 minutes. They have to get home. Black and Spanish men lifting weights on the corner don’t even know who Anderson Cooper is, but they hope he buys their new mix tape.”

“White guys don’t make the moves in person,” the post continued. “So Caucasian guys if you want to date a black girl or curvy Spanish chick, get online. Send some e-mails. Talk about how you love piñatas and Fubu, whatever it takes.”

McClure has since apologised for what was tweeted before he met his wife and blamed the remarks on his comedic career in addition to being a “womanizer” and “drunk”.

On the family channel, Justin alongside his wife and 7-month-old son said: "These tweets were jokes I did about race, I did about gender, about where I’m from in the south, that’s what I thought was funny at the time.”

McClure said the tweets were no longer a reflection of his humour recalling that he was a “very insecure person” but “years of therapy, years of sobriety” have helped change his life.

Meanwhile, wife Ami appeared to stand strongly by her man as she said: "What I dislike is people always brandishing things as racist were they bad jokes? Absolutely, but is he racist? I mean, really?"

As the pair concluded the post, Justin said: “I will not be responding to any comments or tweets but my wife will if you have something to say about it.”

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