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Grenfell Tower fire: Theresa May Snub Survivors On Her Visit

By Published June 15, 2017

Prime Minister Theresa May is under fire yet again for failing to meet residents of Grenfell Tower when she visited the site of the deadly fire on Thursday.

Unlike Jeremy Corbyn who mingled and consoled survivors and their families, May did not meet any of the survivors of the tragedy, she only spoke to emergency workers at the scene of the tower later.

Some observers said it was an “absolute disgrace” that Mrs May did not engage with the local residents.

Piers Morgan added: “If it’s true Theresa May didn’t meet ANY survivors or relatives of the dead on her Grenfell visit today, that’s an absolute disgrace.”

Journalist Owen Jones wrote on Twitter: “Appalling that Theresa May went to Grenfell Tower and didn’t meet the residents.”

Other commentators savaged the PM for not holding face-to-face meetings with those affected, comparing her behaviour to that of former US president, George W. Bush in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Cookery writer Jack Monroe said: “People have been killed and May opts for a stage managed photo op rather than to hear from survivors, trauma victims, residents.”

When Mr Corbyn visited the area today, he went to a church which is being used as a relief centre for affected locals. He said to one resident: “We have to get to the bottom of this. The truth has got to come out and it will.”

Theresa May’s government has been accused of insincerity in the number of deaths made public as independent eyewitness account reckon death toll in the fire incident has hit three digits. Officially, the number of deaths is officially put at seventeen as at press time.

The government has announced a public inquiry will be constituted to look into the cause of Grenfell Tower.


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