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FRANCE: Paris On Lock Down As Authorities Anticipate More Protest

By Published December 06, 2018

Paris is closed to tourist this weekend as more than shops, museums, theatre including the city’s famed Eiffel Tower will be closed to public this weekend as authorities anticipate rioting despite government withdrawing the contentious fuel tax that started the "yellow vest" protest.

The Paris Opera has cancelled planned performances on its two Parisian sites. Two music festivals have also been postponed. The Arc de Triomphe remains closed since last weekend's protest damaged the monument.

Paris police have also urged shops in the Champs-Elysees area to close on Saturday as a precaution as many stores were smashed and looted in Paris last weekend.

Meanwhile, France will deploy more than 65,000 security forces in Paris and around the nation, Police unions and local authorities held emergency meetings on Thursday to strategize on how to handle the weekend protests, while disparate groups of protesters did the same thing, sharing their plans on social networks and chat groups.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe told senators that the government will deploy "exceptional" security measures for the protests in Paris and elsewhere, with additional new forces on top of the 65,000 security officers already in place.

President Macron on Wednesday agreed to abandon the fuel tax hike, part of his plans to combat global warming, but protesters' demands have now expanded to other issues hurting French workers, retirees and students.

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